How did Shanna Britta get here?

Shanna Britta Mellnick is a small business owner who designs and constructs contemporary women’s wear, specializing in customer-focused fit and style. A graduate of the apparel design programs at both Purdue University and the Fashion Institute of Technology at New York University, Shanna also gained exposure to a variety of designers, working with Michael Faircloth, Versace, and Tommy Hilfiger during her education. After college, she helped manage production, pattern making, and design at Linda Segal in Houston, TX. Shanna then moved to St. Louis, MO – her current home – where she joined the design team at Lori Coulter, LLC (now SummerSalt Swimwear), focusing on custom-made swim wear for women. Shanna has taken these experiences to her own company with a wide array of products available in her online store, ranging from basic garments for any occasion to elaborate, glamorous pieces for special events. Her clients universally comment on her use of high quality, durable materials and construction, ability to custom-fit a garment to any body type, and fantastic eye for capturing the very best of today’s fashion trends. 

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