The Design Process of Shanna Britta

Break the mold of what is expected of you.

Shanna Britta is a high fashion company that supports positive body image and sustainable fashion. Treat yourself or a loved one to an uplifting experience of working one on one with fashion designer Shanna Britta Mellnick. Shop now at Or DM Shanna for a private design consultation

dare you to be bold and different - will you let yourself be in a dream or reality? Step into my world of #luxurysustainablefashion and #positivebodyimage

I want you to be as natural as you came into this world ❤ I love fitting women to their natural curves and using luxury #naturalfibers in my clothing.

Sketching ideas in my studio.

Step into a magical world of #luxurysustainablefashion You will support all creatures of the earth and feel amazing about yourself mentally and physically.

Email me at to get a custom gown created just for you.

I want to tell you my vision that I've been dreaming of for years... I want to show you a powerful natural woman that represents all woman. I want this woman surrounded by #mothernature to preserve and protect it. Through my designs I want to #empowerwoman so they feel amazing about their bodies. I want you to love yourself ❤ In creating my designs I want to preserve and protect mother nature by making ethical choices using #sustainablefashion methods.

I'm finishing my blue bird artwork and creating a repeat pattern to get it ready for the print house.

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