As I rest and unwind from the holiday hustle of preparing holiday orders, I love this moment of quietness in my life. During this time from Christmas to New Year’s Eve - there is a sense of limbo and uncertainty of what will happen next.   

Now I am searching for inspiration for 2021 and the hope of a beautiful spring. I'm noticing that I'm searching for ease, lightness and softness. The harshness of 2020 as left me exhausted and I'm certain many of you feel the same way.  

For the next several months many of us will still be working from home as the vaccine starts to circulate to essential workers. Us regular folk are growing tired of staying at home and comfy clothing has such a huge presence in our lives. I love comfy clothing, but at times I feel like a slob in this oversized square clothing that is selling so well at other retailers…when did women have a square shaped body? I will always strive to focus on the female figure and to give her beautiful silhouettes – I want there to be lightness and comfort in them. I’m envisioning soft silky fabrics that will drape with ease around her body that will give her comfort, but also chicness. You know - you can look and feel fabulous at the same time!     

I will be focusing on my passion for nature and sustainability. I have some luxurious linen knits, modal jerseys, cotton gauzes, silk and much more. I’m excited to touch and feel these new fresh fabrics and see what my creative mind will come up.    

I’m looking forward to light and optimism in our future and I hope my new designs will reflect these new feelings.